Drop Balls 3D Drop Balls 3D

Hit all objects in the glass box!


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Drop one or more balls into the glass box to hit the targets. The targets change colors or disappear when hit.

Drag with your finger to rotate and tilt the glass box, and tap in order to release the ball. It's super easy!

"Absolutely cool game for inbetween."
"3D is much more challenging than a two dimensional game."
"It looks incredibly realistic."

What the game offers

  • Real time 3D game engine with reflections, shadows and gravity.
  • Levels start from very easy and are getting harder, but never impossible.
  • Every completed level is saved and can be played again.
  • Levels completed with minimum balls are marked as "Perfect Run".
  • Get points from completed level and invest in cool skins (Metal Wrap, Mother Earth, Poke Ball, Volley Ball, Soccer, and more) .
  • Rotate the box 360 degree horizontally with one finger.
  • Tilt the box forwards and backwards to get a better impression of the objects.


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Drop Balls 3D Drop Balls 3D